Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's Try This Again

Back in mid-January, I abruptly stopped posting my reviews and writerly thoughts here. I've continued to post writing-related thoughts on, and I've continued to post book reviews on and on GoodReads and the Visual Bookshelf application on Facebook.

The reason I stopped posting here was simply because I could not for the life of me figure out how to get Blogspot to send me email notifications when someone leaves a comment on my posts, and I was inadvertently ignoring people when I failed to sign in for days on end and page back through each post. I see now that the problem was not with Blogspot but somewhere between Chair and Keyboard.  I think I've got the problem fixed (and even if I don't, I see now where I can go each day to see if comments have been left).

So I will resume cross-posting book reviews and writerly thoughts here. I'd appreciate it, though, if anyone who reads this post would leave a short comment simply so I can see if my email notifications thingie is actually working.

Thanks, all!


Talekyn said...

Testing, one two three... are email notifications working?

LindaG said...

I get comments when I post a blog. I think it's more to do with ISP service than blogger. *rubs chin*
Do you have your email in the settings where you want comments to go to?