Thursday, August 12, 2010

THE FIRFLAKE giveaway!

Okay, it's time for me to do it: I'm having a giveaway for THE FIRFLAKE. I'll be giving away 3 copies, one for each social platform I'm running the giveaway on. So that means one winner on Livejournal, one winner on Blogspot, and one winner on Facebook.

THE FIRFLAKE is my self-published short Christmas book, available through Amazon and even by order through your local independent bookstore. The cover, and interior art, are by the great Don Cornue:

Product Description

"But what if I'm looking near the field and the Firflake falls by the old stream?"

Engleberta Ruprecht is this year's Watcher, and she takes her job seriously. The Watcher is tasked with waiting for the first snowflake of winter and leading Papa Knecht, the head of the family, to where the Firflake will fall. While the parents prepare for the special day, Papa Knecht and Mama Alvarie gather the grandchildren and tell stories.

They tell the legend of the Firflake, a story of cold northern plains and whipping winds.They also tell how Papa, when he was just a young man, went out to explore the wide world. How on a cold winter's night in a small town, Papa was attacked by a group of young men, and then rescued by a tall stranger named Nicholas. And how Papa and Nicholas' friendship became the foundation for the family's long Christmas tradition.

Told in the best winter campfire storytelling tradition, The Firflake: A Christmas Story is a tale full of familiar Christmas stories told in a new light.

About the Author

Anthony R. Cardno finds a way to work storytelling into everything he does. He has spent time as a classroom teacher, environmental educator and instructor on environmental law. He grew up in the Hudson Valley region of New York and has lived in northwestern New Jersey for the past twelve years. His short works have appeared in Willard & Maple and SYBIL magazines.

Additional Info: I will of course Sign and Personalize the winning copies. I will ship for free anywhere in the US, Canada and Europe.


1. Respond to any of the posts (Livejournal, Blogspot or Facebook) by answering the following question:
What is your favorite Christmas story or legend? (Saying my book is your favorite will not get you an extra entry, but choosing my favorite story not of my own creation will!)

2. Provide a mailing address to which the book can be sent, and a way to contact you if you win so I can find out who you'd like the book personalized for.

3. Gain extra entries by Tweeting, Blogging, Stumbleuponing, etc -- one extra entry for each time you advertise for me, but you MUST provide me with a link to eachTweet, Blog, Facebook post, etc. One extra entry per social platform/network.

4. Deadline is 11:59pm Friday, AUGUST 19th, 2010. Then I will choose the winners randomly from all of the entries and begin contacting, etc.



LindaG said...

I'd have to say my favorite Christmas Story is Miracle on 34th Street. The original, B&W version. Followed closely by Jimmy Stewart's, It's A Wonderful Life. :)

Louis said...

my favorite christmas story would be "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

Stephanie said...

My favorite Christmas story is the night before Christmas, because it captivates children curiosity and imagination. I feel like a child myself when I read the book.