Saturday, September 4, 2010

new website

Hello all!

I finally have up and running. Right now, there's an "About Me" page, a page advertising my book THE FIRFLAKE, and a Blog page. My intent for the blog page is to be pretty much the same stuff I post here. Book reviews, thoughts on reading and writing, etc. I haven't been very consistent with this blog, and hopefully having my own domain to keep active will inspire me to post more frequently. I still intend to crosspost any writing-connected blog entries to this space. However, as I have yet to figure out how to get notifications to my email to work here on Blogger, the advantage to is that I will actually see your comments when you make them, and be able to respond sooner!

I appreciate the support of the few of you who follow me here and take the time to comment even when I don't answer right away, and I hope you'll follow me to the new domain. I also intend to, in the next week, add links to your blogs from my site. I respect your reviewing and want to drive more readers your way!


Roof Beam Reader said...

Subscribed! I like the layout quite a bit.

Talekyn said...

Thanks, Adam!

LindaG said...

Cool. I'll add it to my blogger list. :)

Talekyn said...

Thanks Linda!